5 Ways Drink Coffee Through The Summer

What Are Some Ways To Drink Coffee When It's Ridiculously, Crazy Hot?

If anyone hasn't noticed, it's getting hot outside. At least where we are, it's not just "hot..." It's hot, humid, nasty--that kind of hot where you feel like you're swimming outside and your grass grows two inches a day because it has officially ceased to be grass and has become seaweed. Many of us find ourselves consuming more water (as we should), staying indoors (as we shouldn't); eating a lot of ice cream (which we should); and cutting out hot things like coffee (which we shouldn't). 

We thought we be wise (yes, wise) to give a few tips on how to drink coffee through the summer, because the honest truth of it is that you don't have to give up this magical elixir for the summer, no matter how hot it gets. In fact, once you figure out some new ways to drink it through the summer, you may find yourself making it more and more! 

1. Don't Give Up Hot Coffee

'Nuff said. The whole "I drink coffee, no matter how hot" doesn't have to be just for the coffee radical/addict. Yes, I am one of those that will still drink a pot of hot coffee through the day. But we also know that's not everybody's "cup of tea...er...coffee." Now, that's a personal choice but there are always other times during the summer that a hot cup of coffee is just really good. First thing in the morning, as a pick up at the office, out at a campfire, after a really refreshing dessert, etc. 

2. Make Iced Coffee

The simplest way to make iced coffee? Make a pot of hot coffee, stick it in the fridge for 2-3 hours, and pour over ice! It's that simple!

3. Make Cold Brew

You've heard about cold brew, but have you ever had it? 

Cold Brew is a kind of brewed coffee that is very different from its hot counterpart. No, contrary to assumptions, it is NOT the same thing as Iced Coffee. We love iced coffee and in a pinch when you don't have any cold brew actually made, it works! But COLD BREW is something else entirely. What do you do? Well, it's simpler than you thought. 

Step One: Buy a Cold Brew pitcher. Yes, you can make it with a regular pitcher or even a mason jar, but we're just fans of simplicity. We recommend the Takeya Cold Brew maker (we don't get any kick back on this, so it's just a genuine recommendation). 

Step Two: Buy Drinklings' Summer Blend. This is what we use for our Cold Brew and it is specifically designed for Iced Coffee and Cold Brew. You can, of course, drink it hot as well, but we're just saying--the purpose is cold brew

Step Three: Freshly Grind Your Beans. 

Step Four: Put ground coffee into the strainer, fill with water, and let sit at room temperature for 12-24 hours. Do take note whether you are putting enough in the strainer to make a concentrate. We recommend this as it tastes better and lasts much longer.

Step Five: Pour the Drinklings concentrate into a glass of ice. Add any water, sweetener, or milk necessary. For those like myself (Randy), you recognize the beauty is in the blackness. 

Step Six: Refrigerate the rest. Cold Brew Concentrate is good for 2-3 weeks. After you cut it with water, we're talking more like 2-3 days. 

4. Make Frozen Coffee

Fresh brew your coffee. Put it in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours. Throw some into a blender and add ice or milk ice cubes (yes, just freeze milk--it's rather simple). Enjoy your icy, frothy beverage!

5. Make A Coffee Smoothie

 Yeah, we know this is different. But it's an awesome breakfast or desert recipe that will leave you cool and refreshed throughout the summer! 

Step One: Brew Your Coffee Strong, espresso style preferably. Both the Drinklings' Summer Blend and the Shadowland Espresso Blend are PERFECT for this! 

Step Two: Pour the coffee into an icecube tray and let freeze overnight. 

Step Three: Throw coffee-cubes into a blender. Add a banana, some organic cocoa powder,  1/8 a teaspoon of cinnamon, 1 cup of milk or unsweetened almond milk, and a teaspoon of honey or a few drops of stevia to taste. 

Step Four: Enjoy!!!!! 





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