Things Pastors Say

Contest Time!!! Actually, two contest times!!

First, we're starting a "Things Pastor's Say" line of mugs! Woohoo! We're nerds. We want to know what is your favorite of these below! The top three votes will be made to start our line!! The rest of them will find their way into the Drinklings purgatory or inferno. 

Secondly, if you have another tag line that you think would fit into this line, drop it below in the comment section! If chosen, we'll make it into a mug and send you a free one AND a bag of coffee!!!! Make sure to subscribe to our email list so that when we choose a new slogan we can contact you!! :)












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  • Stephanie Wilkinson on

    “I Only Work One Day A Week…NOT!!”

  • Dan Fuchs on

    Today was great….except for people.

  • Elad on

    Things pastors say: “Looks like the plates a little light… guess we are passing it around again.”

  • Michael George on

    Fact: Coffee pairs well with Communion Wafers.

  • Hobbit Monk on


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