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Sumatra coffees are a grand exception in many ways. We would not accept the earthy tones, the low acidity, or other exotic and rustic flavors from other origins, especially in wet-processed coffees. But in Sumatra coffee, flavors seen as defect from other origins can be positive attributes!

The cup has layered chocolate roast taste, and inky body. Cocoa powder ando dark chocolate are prime characteristics which are accented by some light fruit hints, and savory to sweet earth notes. The finish has a bittersweet quality, reminiscent of Baker’s Chocolate. Dark roasts highlight the herbaceous side that you might expect from Mandheling-Aceh coffee.

Because our Sumatra was initially offered as a way of raising money for Refuge for Woman, a national organization addressing post-trafficking and post-exploitation healing for women, we are committed to getting our Sumatra beans only from woman producers. If you understand the coffee trade, you'll know that not every bean is created alike which is why we at Drinklings have as part of our values a commitment to fair or direct trade coffees. Our Sumatra takes this one step further. 


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