Drinklings 242: A Coffee Church Program

Most churches don't factor in the quality and ethics of their coffee when implementing it as part of their hospitality out reach. Too often the coffee is stale, burnt, and questionably sourced. And this leads not only to compromising on the good that fresh roasted and ethically sourced coffee can do both globally and locally. It compromises on the experience of fellowship within the congregation. Furthermore, many people choose their churches based on factors like the quality, intention, and values of their hospitality programs! 
The Drinklings 242 Church Coffee Program is designed around the importance of hospitality and fellowship and aims to provide churches locally and across the country with fresh, ethically sourced, artisan roasted coffee. More than that, we can offer wholesale pricing to churches and contribute a percentage of each sale to The Drinklings Dollar Cup Program, so each 5 lb bag of coffee also has a missional impact locally. 
Interested in having Drinklings 242 Program as part of your church? Email us HERE with Drinklings 242 in the subject line and we can get you set up with an account! 
Click HERE for a downloadable PDF of the 242 Flier.