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Other Resources

In addition to mugs, coffee, and tea, Drinklings offers two other resources for churches and organizations to partner with us on: speaking and design. 

Randall Hardman (M.A., M.A. Asbury Seminary, MSW, Asbury University) speaks and writes on a variety of topics related to the very work Drinklings works to address. 

  • Theology, Christian Life, and Social Mission - This talk is aimed at helping congregations and groups explore the relationship between theology and social justice. Randy, a trained theologian and social worker, has had both the experience of working in the field of social justice and being affected by mission in times of need and suffering. This talk highlights community statistics and needs alongside a theology built around a 'church of generosity.' 
  • Being a Whole-Life Movement - This talk aims at helping situate and contextualize the pro-life conviction in a broader category of being 'whole-life.' This has been a focus of Drinklings Coffee from day one with much of our effort being on orienting our concerns regarding abortion in a deeper well and, likewise, in a broader movement. Issues like poverty, racial discrimination, gender inequality, domestic violence, health care, and so on the list goes, impact the pro-life conviction in ways that most advocates fail to recognize. This talk aims at connecting the dots as to what being 'for life' really means. 
  • The DNA of Small Group Discipleship - As a Wesleyan theologian and a long time practitioner of Wesleyan 'band' theology through the Inspire Network, Randy gives a testimonial talk on the journey of self and other through the dynamic interactions of his soul-group. Coupled with tips, methods, and research into the spiritual and psychological growth of 'banded community', this talk is perfect for any church aiming to have deep, interconnected groups. 
  • The Reliability of the New Testament - Trained as a biblical scholar, Randy has previously spoken to numerous groups and written extensively on the reliability of the New Testament. This talk is aimed at providing an a historically sound and, yet, intellectually honest approach to understanding the questions the New Testament provides.

Honorariums are not required (appreciated, but not required) though travel expenses are. We will, naturally, bring the coffee! :)

Drinklings also has partnered with one of its mug designers to offer design services to churches and organizations. A graphic design partner with Two Cups Creative, April holds a B.A. in Graphic Design and has worked on hundreds of projects for individuals and organizations. You can read more about her here or contact her through the Drinklings contact form