Our Mission and Values

 What does Coffee for Community mean? 

 Mission Statement: Crafting coffee for local giving and global relief.

Started in 2016, Drinklings Coffee and Mugs is a missional based coffee roastery and custom mug designer based out of central, Kentucky. As believers in social entrepreneurship, Drinklings is committed to the community in which it plays a part, both globally and locally. 

Globally, this means a commitment to ethically sourced coffee (i.e. Fair Trade and/or ethically based sourcing companies) with an increasing focus on the acquisition of Direct Trade beans where consumers and farmers are connected with minimal interference and on terms that aim to mitigate potential exploitation. This commitment ensures that Drinklings’ is not built on a “bottom dollar” approach without consideration of whether our current consumption habits have inimical effects for our neighbors abroad.

Locally, this means that we are committed to using the God-given space to assist those in need through the practice of community financial support (see The Dollar Cup), promoting justice and mercy through education and dialogue regarding major cultural conversations and topics, and providing a communal space for the flourishing of relationships and values amongst the local community. 

At the heart of what we do, we aim for the betterment of individuals, culture, and creation. These three in tandem drive our values:

  • A commitment to ethically sourced coffee through the Fair Trade and Direct Trade Market with preference to the latter and the development of personal trade relationships with farmers and harvesters in the regions we sell from
  • A commitment to the local community in which Drinklings is established for the purposes of local empowerment and assistance
  • A commitment to quality-driven products 
  • A commitment to an ethically driven work environment for staff
  • A commitment to utilizing the provided space for a place of community bonding and opportunities for conversation and growth around issues that are relevant to the community