The Mission and Formation

The Mission

Coffee shops, traditionally, have been associated with community. Like churches and pubs, they have been places where people have gathered, ideas have found fruition, revolutions have been built, lives have pivoted in directions unforeseen, and fellowship has been fostered with a spirit of intimacy and hope. In short, a coffee shop means community in every sense that word.

Starting on May 9th, 2020, Drinklings began a project called The Dollar Cup to take seriously its place and responsibility within the respective community of its brick and mortar stores. This is definitely a change in the prior missional focus but we believe that new phases in business identity often means new reasons for that identity.  And after a year of patience, listening, frustration, and prayer, the refinement of our missional impact to the local community is lock and step a part of that identity. Inspired by Southland Church's The Dollar Club, Drinklings is committing 3.5% of it's monthly revenue from customer purchases will go to meet practical needs of those in our community experiencing outlying life hardships.

This means that for every purchase that you make -- whether that be a cup of coffee, a bag of retail beans, a mug, a wholesale purchase, or anything else -- a percentage of the sale will be aggregated and payed forward into the lives of others. This is community giving to community. As we are a conduit for many things in the community, we hope to be a conduit for giving and uplifting those in need. We know (personally) the impact that can make in someone's life. 


The Formation

Can a coffee roastery be about formation?!

The short answer is, yes! But we're assuming you want more than a short answer here. 

Personal formation and community formation are aspects that are fostered  in a pursuit of togetherness and mutuality. While a lot of that happens naturally with the cup of Common Joe, we want to do everything we can to promote formation as a business and through our efforts. To this end, formation is a part of our organizational values.

Each of our formational values finds an expression in our business that we invite the community to partake in.

Formational Value 1: We have a responsibility towards our community.

This value is what undergirds a lot of what we say 'yes' to and what sort of 'programs' we want to run, host, and promote. From our relationship with customers to our programs like Thinklings and The Dollar Cup, we want to be an active part in our community locally and the broader community of our customers and society. 

Formational Value 2: We have a responsibility towards our product.

There is not a lot of use in trying to promote values of equality, love, justice, knowledge, etc. if at the end of the day we undercut them by serving products that exploit. This is why Drinklings only works with coffee sources that have a reputation for ethical sourcing and fair pay. As we grow, we continually are shifting to a Direct Trade model and are currently in talks to do sourcing as an organization and bring the relationships with farmers right to Wilmore. 

Formational Value 3: We have a responsibility towards our world.

This is why Drinklings' is increasingly focused on creation care, ecology, and its responsibility to care for the environment. All of Drinklings' in-house consumable products are biodegradable/compostable. We have also begun the shift to make all of Drinklings' retail bags the same! So, when you pick up a drink or a bag of coffee, use it for your garden!