Ekklesia Cafe: A Church Coffee Program (w/Free Shipping) - 5 Ibs - Drinklings

Ekklesia Cafe: A Church Coffee Program (w/Free Shipping) - 5 Ibs

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Drinklings' Ekklesia program is a program designed to bring quality coffee with a missional emphasis to churches around the nation. If you're a church that serves coffee, you already know how important it is to your members! If you're a church that doesn't serve coffee, let's just say it's a huge component of contemporary church life you should consider. Many individuals see coffee as a symbol of community and fellowship in the church that helps set the soul and body into a worshipful state. Some people, indeed, consider coffee an important factor to the comfort level they feel in a church. After all, is it any wonder that the press pots become the first place people go to when they walk in the doors?!

Unfortunately (and far too often), church's skimp on the coffee budget. If you're picking up your coffee at the local dollar shop or getting a big bucket of pre-ground (stuff), you should rethink whether you're truly orthodox or not! Just kidding...but kind of. :)

As a missional organization, we want to help churches acquire a missional cup of coffee for their congregants without breaking the bank. Drinklings coffee goes to support missions like Care-Net (LIFE), Refuge for Women (REFUGE), and more. We guarantee that's not happening with your dollar store coffee, so as your congregants drink their coffee they know that it's going to also help organizations that do some serious groundwork. 

Quality. Missional. Budget Friendly.

Plus, our Ekklesia Coffee ships FREE! Use the code EKKLESIA at check-out!

For single or occasional orders, use the order button below. To set up a reoccurring (weekly, bi-monthly, monthly) orders, download the form here and send to randy@drinklings.coffee and we will get back to you about setting up a program.

We'll send along little cards that you can put next to the coffee that tells a little bit about the coffee and what it goes to support! 10% of the proceeds of every bag goes to support the organizations doing social mission work at the ground level. As new coffees are released, so we will continue expanding our giving partners. 

Not a church but a missional organization? Fill out the form anyways and get it back to us. Ekklesia is our first major coffee program and if there is room to expand, we're interested.