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Brazilian Adrano Volcano - Direct Trade

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Our Brazilian Adrano Volcano coffee is hands down our most popular coffee! 

Better yet? It's direct trade!

This coffee is a good, bold, and...well...simply amazing coffee with good chocolate overtones. We released it over valentines day last year and it was a huge hit so as often as we can get it, we keep it as a staple offering! Our customers regularly tell us how it is their absolute favorite! 

Tasting Notes: Adrano is an intense, complex coffee. The unique terroir imparts a unique flavor profile that is an interesting combination of sharp, bright elements with earthy and floral tones and a hint of chocolate. This coffee has a smooth and buttery sort of feel to it, with hints of caramel and a toasty aroma. It is a great dark roast but regularly we have people tell us how it is a universal coffee in their homes!

It is sustainably grown (UTZ certified) and traded directly with the farmers. As a matter of principle, Drinklings sources our beans from organizations that intentionally practice fair or direct trade.  

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