Imagination and Fellowship

A good cup has the potential to bring about imagination and fellowship.

It can help luminate in a sudden conflagration that idea that has sat unkindled in our mind for so long. It can help bring two people together or an entire community together into a time of fellowship, purposeful discovery, and unity in purpose. A good cup of coffee can bring about the conditions by which souls speak to one another, where stories are told, laughs are shared, tears are shed, and ideas come alive. A good cup of coffee can simply be more than a good cup of coffee. It can be a catalyst for a more inspirational and relational way of life. 

We live in a fast paced and consumeristic age in which even the greatest of life’s pleasures have been reduced to quick and superficial commodities. Our age thrives on fast food instead of the home cooked meal, the television instead of intimate conversation, the short car ride over the leisurely walk. 

It’s not to say that our conveniences are bad so much as that the conveniences shouldn’t be a “way of life.” When we are so consumed with the fast paced nature of our world, we don’t leave any room to stop and smell the flowers or stop and really take in a good cup of coffee with a friend, with a journal, a good book, or even in simple stillness. 

Drinklings (which is inspired by the famous literary group The Inklings) is all about revitalizing the power of coffee to inspire us in both imagination and fellowship. Our desire is not to simply create a good cup of coffee -- it is to create a kind of coffee that helps you create that space we all need to better the world and better ourselves.