Imagination and Fellowship

The modern world leaves most people feeling rushed, forgotten, and without much space to be creative and explore meaningful relationships. This way of life is simply unsustainable long term and will only lead to more burnt out, more isolation, and more social fracturing. We need spaces to be imaginative, to create, to reflect, to heal, to build fellowship, and simply to slow down from the rush and the hurried pace of life.

At Drinklings Coffee and Mugs (inspired by the famous literary group, The Inklings), we blend fresh roasted coffee with a space dedicated to personal, professional, and spiritual growth because we believe artisan coffee and the space in which it is enjoyed can be a catalyst for slowing down, unlocking imagination, and exploring the deep fellowship we all need in order to thrive.

Whether one is visiting our local coffee shop in Wilmore, Kentucky or simply orders online or through wholesale, we hope you will be able to enjoy Drinklings Coffee in a space where you can truly go beyond inspiration and community and onto imagination and fellowship.