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Brazilian Adrano Volcano - Single Origin Direct Trade

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Brazilian Adrano (Volcano) 

Behind The Oxford Blend, our Brazilian Adrano Volcano is our second most popular coffee. And as with that blend, its discovery was something of a "happy accident." We came upon it in the process of learning how to roast coffee and it was immediately something we knew we wanted to keep around if we could. 

This specialty coffee comes to us from the microclimate of Pocos de Caldas, where the plants sit on a ridge angeled in full luminosity for the better part of the day but immediately become covered in darkness as the sun cascades over the rim of the mountain. This sudden change in exposure to the sun triggers a molecular burst of energy into the beans that gives it its unique flavor, trapping the sugars into the plant. 

In addition, the coffee trees of Adrano sit in a rich blend of Volcanic-mineral and rainforest soil which enhances both the health and the flavor of the beans. 

Brazilian Adrano is sustainably grown, UTZ certified, and Direct Trade. The Volcano Coffee Company offers this coffee as a "re-interpretation" of shade-grown coffee, wherein instead of interplanting hardwood trees amongst the coffee plants (which lacks underbrush and diversity of wildlife), the coffee plants are sown in proximity with intact sections of rainforest, providing for the right amount of sun, biodiversity, and an undisturbed natural habitat for wildlife.  

Tasting Notes: Brown Butter, Honey, Oak, Tobacco 

Acidity: Low-Moderate

Aroma: Black Oolong Tea, Dark Chocolate, Woody

Mouthfeel: Smooth, Buttery

For more information on Volcano coffees, watch the video below or click here.

Also, check out our friends at Len's Coffee, who has helped work as a partner and importer in our continued acquisition of Volcano beans. 



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