Colombian Decaf - A Dark, Chocolaty, and Smoky Coffee

Colombian Decaf - A Dark, Chocolaty, and Smoky Coffee

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Colombian Decaf


While most of us coffee connoisseurs have a feeling and conviction that decaf and coffee is an oxymoron, a lot of that conviction lies in the way that decaf coffee is processed. The truth is, a good cup of decaf is possible! And we're proud at Drinklings that thus far we have had many customers who have encouraged us to take our decaf seriously, with many saying that it has restored their confidence that giving up caffeine (even for the evening hours) does not mean giving up quality. We're humbled by those reports and we will keep plugging along to give you the best decaf we can muster!

Tasting Notes: Smoky, Bourbon, Dark Chocolate  

Acidity: Low Acidity

Mouthfeel: Full Body, Moderately Smooth


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