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The Oxford Blend - Drinklings' Award Winning Blend

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The Oxford Blend

Drinklings' first-ever custom blend, The Oxford Blend: a bold, blend of medium-dark roasted beans that will rock your socks and make you want to go read some awesome old dead guys from BritainWe discovered this blend by a "happy accident" while working on developing an espresso roast. Needless to say, we kept it because it was simply that good! And it is versatile enough that it serves not only as an espresso blend but as both a drip coffee and a cold brew!

In fact, The Oxford Blend won first place in the 2019 Lexington Cold Brew Festival. It has since become our most popular and requested coffee both online and at our Roastery location.

I think we'll be keeping it around.

Tasting Notes: Sweet, Brown Sugar, Cedar, Slightly Earthy and Fruity

Acidity: Moderate

Mouthfeel: Smooth

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