The Rotational Coffee
The Rotational Coffee

The Rotational Coffee

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The Rotational Coffee (A Different Coffee Every Week)

The Rotational Coffee is a way to offer our customers a way of trying the world of coffee without the commitment to a single variety or blend!

Once a week we'll have a pre-selected coffee of the week that we send out! It may be our Oxford Blend, our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, or--what we really love--a bean we don't carry as a staple in our sourcing philosophy but bring in because we could snag it as a one off purchase somewhere! This may be a Ugandan, a Congolese, a Tanzanian Peaberry, or so one! 

It's a great opportunity to try the world of coffee, directly to your door, without having to think about it! 

Plus, as part of a subscription you get your first 10% off and a continual 5% after that! 

Or if you just want our coffee of the week, you can make it a one-time purchase!


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