The Quarantine Mug
The Quarantine Mug - Drinklings
The Quarantine Mug

The Quarantine Mug

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The Quarantine Mug

We made this one not because we do not believe in the absolute seriousness of the situation and responsibility that this Pandemic raises but because people need to find some levity over the next two to three months. We have watched as folks in our community have both practiced and yet found optimism despite the impending questions of quarantines and isolation and we believe this is immensely important. 

Plus, we're fairly certain the first-morning cup of coffee during a quarantine probably also calls for an apology.

Here are some ideas for creativity and fun during this pandemic:

  1. Go out for a hike, a walk, or a run! Isolation does not mean that you have to stay inside the four walls of your house for two months.
  2. Books. Read books. Especially if you think that you hate reading...You'll learn.
  3. Practice giving each other haircuts. It's fun!
  4. Plant a garden. Seriously, plant a garden. You may need it so you don't starve. 
  5. Learn a new craft -- drawing, painting, sowing, shuffle boarding, knife throwing (kidding). 
  6. Get some Drinklings coffee and make some unique home drinks! 
  7. Make a Corona baby! (But only if you're married and live every other case, practice not making babies!)
  8. Meditate. Practice mindfulness. Practice reflection and introspection. This will be a very emotional and trying time for millions of us. Let us come out better for it. 
  9. Love one another. 

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