Our Values

Drinklings' Guiding Values

Dignity of The Person

We believe that every human being that we interact with--whether that be a customer, an employee, or a provider--has inherent worth and dignity and every action we take should reflect this.

Imagination and Fellowship

We believe that we do not sell coffee for its own sake but to a particular end--that is, as a catalyst for imagination (inspiration and creativity) and fellowship (relationship and intimacy).

Business as Mission

We believe every business should seek to make the world a better place and should take creative actions to that effect not only through its development of products but through the way it utilizes its financial resources, its practical resources, and its personnel. 

Dedicated Work

We believe that our work and the environment we create for customers should be made to the best of our ability.

Creative Work

We believe our work and the environment we create for customers should be creative and inspiring. 

Opportunity is Given

We recognize that the spaces we currently have are given before they are earned and that it is first God and then the customer that allows us the opportunity to do something with these spaces. 


Contiguous Attention

We recognize that a transaction is never a 1:1 interaction but rather an interaction involving many individuals, families, and organizations. It takes many years and “touches” to bring a coffee bean from seed to cup and our values and respect should be present at every juncture.

Stewardship of The Earth

As an agronomic organization, we believe we have a responsibility to steward our resources in ecologically beneficial ways. We always look for ways to provide sustainably renewable products to our customers.