Our Values

What Are Our Values

Values drive the mission of the organization. When we started Drinklings, we made the mistake of starting with our mission first and assuming our values would follow, but as any start-up business knows, there's a lot to learn along the way. We decided recently that our values needed to precede our mission rather than follow them, for the opposite can lead to compromising values for the sake of the mission--in which case, a mission can fail.

1) We Are Committed to Quality Products

 Said and Done. From our coffee to our tea to our mugs, we are committed to providing you with quality products. Our mugs, for example, are dishwasher and microwavable. The image does not chip off slowly like other mugs and will not fade. Coffee, likewise, will always be fresh roasted: no sipping on coffee that is a month old from its roast date (or more!). We regularly hear from customers concerning the quality of our coffee. 

2) We Are Committed to Fair and Just Trade Practices

This is a big one for us. We often say, "every bean is not created equal" and it's not! Yes, we end up paying more for beans that are either fair or direct trade but it is for our conscience and yours that you can know that the economic practices of bean harvesting are equitable and just!

If you are wondering (and you should be) about the source of your coffee, one little step can make a difference! Commit yourself to fair and direct trade sources. Yes, we know that likely means you're paying a little bit more for your cup of joe, but it also means you're supporting the stability and livelihood of farmers around the world. That's not something you should quickly pass by! Only by people coming together and demanding through their purchases that things must change will things change! By committing yourself to fair and direct trade, you are ensuring that farmers are not being underpaid and you are telling the coffee industry as a whole that just business practices matter!

3) We Are Committed to Supporting Local and Relevant Industries

The coffee industry is like the craft beer industry--it's big and there are many players, some small, some big, and some very big. We're a small roaster, committed to three particular industries:

First, as a Kentucky based roaster just outside of Lexington, we're committed to being a Bluegrass coffee roaster for the Bluegrass! In fact, our coffee is certified Kentucky Proud! 

Second, we're committed to supplying churches with quality coffee through our Ekklesia Cafe program. Through this program, churches can be sure that they are offering quality fresh roasted coffee as a hospitality service (because listen, if you're serving the generic brand, you really need to consider your commitment to the Kingdom of God) and coffee that is fair and direct trade. Through offering coffee that emphasizes just trade practices, churches can be certain that what they offer on Sunday mornings is helping revolutionize the trade industry and the lives of farmer's abroad!

Third, we're committed to supplying our customers online with some of the best coffee they've ever had! We regularly hear from people that Drinklings coffee is some of the best they've ever had! So our commitment is to you, whether you're an occasional coffee drinker or a connoisseur!

By supporting Drinklings you are supporting the local coffee industry, you are supporting small businesses, and you are supporting fair and just trade practices! And we'll be working to support these things at the same time! We're in this together! 

4) We Are Committed to Good Customer Service

We'll always do our best to give the best customer service we possibly can! That doesn't mean we don't ever make mistakes--we do. It happens. And we can admit that because we think organizational leaders should be the first to admit they're not perfect. But you can rest assured that as a core value of who we are if we make a mistake we will aim to provide you with exceptional service!

5) We Are Committed to Keeping Our Priorities Straight--We Aim to Walk What We Say

Believe it or not, one of the biggest problems with our society is our mis-prioritization. It is a belief that work = an individual's value or worth and that an individual's relevancy in this world is directly related to the amount he can juggle and the extent to which he makes "sacrifices" for the sake of the organization. 

We don't think sacrificing something for the collective is necessarily a bad thing. Much is learned through sacrifice and reprioritizing and much is gained from putting the society ahead of the individual. But much else can be lost! We've all seen it! We've all done it! So the reality is, our business model must reflect our life model: God, family, and then everything else! 

6) We are committed to social mission and justice!

Not only do we insist that our coffee is fair or direct trade, but 5% of our profits in a year will go to support a particular social cause! We wish this could be more, of course, and in time we hope to be able to increase that amount. But what that means is that every mug, coffee, and tea that we sell will go to support a missional agency doing justice work. We're still hashing some of this out as we've recently changed up our giving model, but we'll keep this page updated as we work to that end!