The Enneagram Mug  - Number Two (The Helper)
The Enneagram Mug  - Number Two (The Helper) - Drinklings

The Enneagram Mug - Number Two (The Helper)

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The Enneagram Number Two Mug

The Drinklings Enneagram line is one we're excited to finally do! If you're unfamiliar with The Enneagram, let's just point you to Ian Cron's and Suzanne Stabile's wonderful book The Road Back to You. In redux, the Enneagram is an ancient personality map with a focus on the spiritual, emotional, and social self. 

The Enneagram Two is the second in the line of our Enneagram mugs. A perfect mug for those of us who love to help others (even if they don't want it!). 

I want you to be happy, but I want to be the reason. - Unknown

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